Malek's KicKit, Vol. 1

Producers pick this up today! KicKit, Vol. 1 is a collection of 30 hard hitting kick sounds!

KicKit Vol. 1

The Man Behind the Music

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      Name Type Starting...
    Club Love Club, Dance, Melodic, Pop, Uptempo $19.99Buy
    Superstar Club, Dance, Melodic, Pop, Sexy, Uptempo $19.99Buy
    Fireproof Club, Dance, Melodic, Pop, Smooth $19.99Buy
    Pure Cray Aggressive, Club, Dance, Uptempo $19.99Buy
    Honeybee Happy, Hip-Hop, Melodic, Piano, Pop, Rap $19.99Buy
    Let’s Fall In Love Club, Dance, Happy, Melodic, Pop, Uptempo $19.99Buy
    Ridin Dirty Angry, Dirty South, Gangster, Hard, Street $19.99Buy
    Smile Happy, Hip-Hop, Melodic, Piano, Pop, R&B, Smooth $19.99Buy
    Orbital Club, Happy, Melodic, Pop, Uptempo $19.99Buy
    Everytime Ballad, Deep, Emotional, R&B, Sexy, Slow, Smooth, Urban $19.99Buy
    Going Backwards Deep, Emotional, Piano, R&B, Sad, Slow $19.99Buy
    Levitate Aggressive, Angry, Club, Gangster, Hard, Hip-Hop, Rap, Street, Underground $19.99Buy
    Fallin Guitar, Happy, Melodic, Pop $19.99Buy
    Show Me Aggressive, Club, Dance, Hard, Melodic, Pop, Uptempo $19.99Buy
    Blue Light Club, Dance, Melodic, Pop, Sexy, Uptempo $19.99Buy
    Live Guitar Aggressive, Guitar, Hard, Hip-Hop, Rap, Rock $19.99Buy
    Whoa! Aggressive, Club, Hard, Hip-Hop, Rap $19.99Buy
    FLEX Deep, Melodic, R&B, Rap, Sexy, Slow, Smooth $19.99Buy
    Pigs In A Blanket Aggressive, Club, Dirty South, Gangster, Hard, Hip-Hop, Rap, Street $19.99Buy
    Square One Aggressive, Angry, Club, Gangster, Hard, Hip-Hop, Rap, Street $19.99Buy
    The Golden Age Aggressive, Angry, Club, Epic, Hard, Hip-Hop, Rap, Street $19.99Buy
    UFO Angry, Club, Hard, Hip-Hop, Rap, Street $19.99Buy
    Outta Control Club, Hard, Melodic, Pop, Uptempo $19.99Buy
    Horn Hit Live, Pop, R&B, Sexy, Smooth $19.99Buy
    Dream Keeper Aggressive, Dance, Hard, Pop, Uptempo $19.99Buy
    Go ‘Head Club, Dubstep, Hard, Hip-Hop, Rap, Uptempo, Urban $19.99Buy
    Treat You Better Ballad, Deep, Dirty South, Melodic, Sexy, Smooth, Urban $19.99Buy
    Through It All Ballad, Deep, Emotional, Epic, Pop, R&B $19.99Buy
    Cruisin Down the 101 Pop, Rap, Sampled, Smooth, Uptempo $19.99Buy
    Tomorrow Happy, Hip-Hop, Melodic, Piano, Rap, Sampled, Smooth, Uptempo $19.99Buy