Mac Miller Piano Driven Hip-Hop Beat – BMS Ep. 56

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I know I haven’t been making videos in a while. I apologize for such a long delay. I promise I will try my best to make videos on more of a regular basis. This new beat is called “Honeybee” which is a light-hearted piano driven hip-hop beat with great drums and percussive details. I can definitely hear someone like Mac Miller on it. Who do you hear on this beat?

“A Monster” by Tré Adams featuring Mickey Shiloh

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A couple months ago I worked with the talented singer Tré Adams. The song is called “A Monster” so we thought it was fitting to hold off on releasing it until Halloween. “A Monster” is about the aftermath of an intense and almost addictive relationship. No matter what the monster does, Tré always comes back for more. He is under her spell. She is like a disease; slowly infecting him until he loses all control.


Special thanks to Mickey ShilohBenjamin Michel for directing the video, Justine Tallariti for being an incredible monster, and Ashley Langston for her amazing hair and make-up.

Purchase “A Monster” on iTunes by clicking here.

Making A Pop Beat for Britney Spears/Nicki Minaj – BMS Ep. 55

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Here is Episode 55 of Beat Making Sundays! This week I am making an uptempo hard pop beat called “Show Me.” Who do you hear on this track? Post your thoughts in the comment section below.

Making A Beat for Drake – BMS Ep. 54

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Here is the latest episode of my web series Beat Making Sundays! I had Drake in mind when I was making the beat. If you hear another artist on this beat, who is it? Purchase this beat “FLEX” by clicking here.

Making A Beat with a Pig – BMS Ep. 53

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Back with a new episode of Beat Making Sundays! This one is an aggressive high energy bouncy hip-hop beat called “Pigs In A Blanket.” I used a pig sound from this Vine:

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